Why StandFirm?

It all started with having the right mindset and the determination to be successful. Everybody has a story of what that success looks like for them. Mine is fueled by putting Family first, and having the ability to be in a position to Lead from the front and to be able to Represent. I was raised in Kgn. Jamaica and later migrated to the States in 2011. I was raised to be respectful, to have good manners, to set sights on goals, to be ambitious, and no matter the obstacles, never give in or lower your standards. StandFirm in all challenges of life, do it well and leave nothing on the table. I want to encourage my Standfirm community to be Bold, Ambitious and Determined to achieve their goals but first, learn to manifest them and work hard to accomplish them in Style. No matter what just STANDFIRM until you reach your highest potential.

  • #StandFirm 🦍represents Living life with No regrets

  • Fall Seven times Get up 8 #Standfirm

  • DONT QUIT!! Suffer now and live the rest of your life a CHAMP!!

  • It always seems impossible until its Done

  • Prove them wrong

  • Remember who you are #standfirm

  • Motivate yourself to be better #standfirm

  • Dont be distracted from your goals #standfirm

  • Positive Vibes Only